Idee und ihre Köpfe
Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Lamprecht
Professor for ENT Medicine
Prof. Thomas Günther
Professor for Piano at the Folkwang University of Arts.
Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen


The non-profit association piano libre e.V. in Essen has set itself the goal of promoting the pianist skills of children and young people. piano libre e. V. was founded by the Rotary Club Essen-Hellweg and is financially supported by Evonik Industries AG and donations from the public. The projects of the association are the International Piano Competition Youth and the project piano libre e.V., which has on occasion provided piano lessons and an instrument for three years free of charge to talented and needy girls or boys.

Musical talent can be found in all social strata. Sometimes the financial prerequisites for a musical instrument, such as a piano, are missing. The association piano libre e.V. pursues two objectives: to give the gifted and needy child a tool and to give all children and young people with pianistic ability a stage and recognition for their performance.

Our key concern is to help. We motivate and promote the young and set an atmosphere in which we awaken outstanding talents, promote them, support them and reward special achievements. Children and young people in particular benefit from the positive response to the success of a competition in the development of their personality and their talents. Music promotes virtues such as diligence, concentration, observing rules, and last but not least, that mutual respect is indispensable.