To all young pianists,

in the difficult Corona year 2020, piano competitions only took place virtually – or they simply failed completely. We are all the more overjoyed and also a little proud that our 15th International Youth Piano Competition was actually able to take place as a „face-to-face“ competition in 2020, in compliance with hygiene rules. The feedback from the young participants was correspon- dingly enthusiastic and grateful. We owe this “highlight in the middle of a cultural desert” primarily to the enormous commit- ment of Evonik Industries and the responsible employees.

Our youth piano competition will not take place in the current „still Corona year“.

We ask for your understanding for this exceptional situation. We hope for a continuation in 2022 and will announce at this point on this website whether and how it will continue.

Playing the piano, practicing, developing yourself is a pleasure. Performing in front of an audience and even more directly playing the piano without a camera, microphone, screen or loudspeaker is even more enjoyable and clearly fits better with the nature of our beloved instrument.

So let‘s hope together for a future with all freedoms that have been regained, direct encounters and the natural experience of music with all facets of charisma, personal interpretation and the original sound of the piano!

Jürgen Lamprecht