Bedingungen Repertoire


The compulsory piece is a piece by Ludwig van Beethovens, the duration of which is about one third to one half of the total prescribed time. This can be one or more pieces, or also individual pieces from multi-movement works.

A modern piece is also compulsory. We are particularly interested in an exploration of an abstract tonal language, that is to say, a musical piece which is preferably atonal, 12-toned, serial, with free or asymmetrical metrics, or similar. These criteria can barely be defined by means of the life data of composers or the date of origin of their works. Therefore, we have created the following list of composers as a guide (corresponding to the „Jugend - musiziert“ repertoire list Epoche e) :

Apostel, Bartòk, Berg, Berio, Boulez, Cage, Cowell, Crumb, Denissov, Dessau, Eggert, Eisler, Hartmann, Hindemith, Ives, Kurtag, Lachenmann, Ligeti, Messiaen, Rihm, Schnebel, Schoenberg, Schulhoff, Stockhausen, Takemitsu, Webern, Widmann, Wolpe, Yun.

Other composers available on demand.

Composers such as the „Groupe de six“ (Poulenc, Milhaud, etc.), or Russian composers of the first half of the twentieth century, some of whom are still living, whose works are often focused on folkloristic or classical sources, e.g. Chatschaturian, Slonimsky, Shtedrin, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and others, are unsuitable (corresponding to the „Jugend - musiziert“ repertoire list epoche d). The composers Bartòk and Hindemith are included in the list, so to speak, as „the smallest denominator“.

This exclusion, of course, is not a judgment of value. It also excludes pieces from pop and jazz works as well as self-compilations or improvisations of the participants.

The scores of these works are to be submitted to the jury.
The further repertoire of Baroque, Classical, Romantic Impressionism is left to the choice of the participant.

Participants of age group IV will be sent an unknown piece (about 3 to 5 minutes), one week before the start of the evaluation, which must be played in addition to the prepared repertoire; for the best interpretation, we will award a special prize.

The evaluation takes place separately according to four age groups (the deadline is the day of the performance). The playing time in the final elimination of the competition should be within the following guidelines:

AG I (8 to 10 years): up to 10 minutes
AG II (11 to 13 years): up to 15 minutes
AG III (14 to 15 years): up to 20 minutes
AG IV (16 to 18 years): up to 25 minutes plus approx. five minute compulsory piece

The performance can be canceled by the jury after the end of the period. The jury is independent in its decision.
Judgment is final and not contestable.



The award winners are obligated to participate in the Prize Winner’s Concert.